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What window treatments are best for a studio apartment?

Some types of window treatments best suitable for studio apartments include:Blinds and shades.Shutters and panels.Drapes and valences. Window treatments can take up the most space in a studio apartment, but if it is just to provide some extra privacy or aesthetic purposes that might not be too much of an issue. If you want something more temporary than curtains in Sydney, blinds are perfect because they come with countless different options for materials, colours, patterns etc. Honeycomb Blinds in Sydney for example, offer great insulation properties and are a very popular type. Shades also work very well in small spaces as they do not cover up all the natural light coming into your room, which is important when decorating a small place like this. Shutters add another layer of character to any space giving you even more privacy as well as a beautiful design element to your home. Speaking of making the most out of, we also recommend having some fun with pops of colour here and there in order to keep it from looking too drab or dull. If you are not one who likes bright colours throughout their entire house, this idea might be best saved for choosing just a few accent pieces like pillows, lamps, etc. There are many options of window treatments out there, and you will surely be able to find something stylish yet functional for your studio apartment. Roller blinds in Sydney are also very popular because they are quite economical and versatile. However, the best way forward is to get the advice of a professional company or supplier of blinds and shutters, since they will be able to help you not only make the right choice, but also help install them for a perfect finish.

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