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Unexpected Pregnancy In a Marriage

Marriage and children are a wonderful part of life. Getting married is eventually everyone's goal unless they are a nun or a priest. No one wants to be alone for the rest of their life. Getting married involves the next step which is having children, although some people get married because they had children first. Children are a blessing but sometimes can be an expected blessing.When people are dating and planning their lives together they include how many children they are going to have. The man might say one or two, while the woman says five or six. It could be the other way around to where the man wants to have a big family and the wife does not. They may agree on the number of children they want to produce. Some couples do not want to have any children. When a couple gets married they may want to wait a couple of years before the children come along for many reasons. The reason could be for financial stability and just wanting to enjoy being married to each other for a while. What happens to a couple when there is an unexpected pregnancy?Most pregnancies in today's culture are unexpected, and even for people who are married it can happen to them too. It happens in marriage because of mistakes in the use of birth control methods or miscalculating the ovulation time. When a couple discovers they have conceived unexpectedly, sometimes the first emotion is panic. If they do not have children then they may turn to abortion or another method of getting rid of "the problem." Hopefully the couple will get over the panic and decide that they might as well accept the baby. Especially if the couple was planning on having children in the future, having one a little early is not a bad thing. If the couple already has several children and are not planning on having any more, then an unexpected pregnancy can be devastating at first. It can especially be devastating if the family is already having financial difficulties. When the couple already has children usually choices like abortion are out of the question because they know what the embryo is going to become. After the couple gets over the devastation then usually everything works out for good. Children are a blessing whether they are planned or unplanned. If the baby is unplanned in a marriage the couple has to stay encouraged. They have to remember to depend on each other to get through the process. Hopefully the couple has friends and family that can help as well. If they do not have a good support system then they will have to support each other. Besides, being there for each other through the good and bad times is what marriage is all about. A baby usually turns out to be a great time.

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