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Top 5 Careers in the Food Industry

 People choose careers in the food industry because they love cooking, baking, creating new recipes from scratch, testing out different ingredients etc, there is no real limit to what you can do. The only thing stopping you from being able to pursue your dream career is actually going out and getting it. If you have been considering an exciting career working with delicious treats then keep on reading about our list of top five jobs available right now:Baker/pastry chef with their white cook shirts.Restaurant manager.Food photographer.Restaurant servers in elegant server aprons.Head chefs in fancy chef coats. These top five careers in the food industry are so popular because it involves being able to create something from scratch with your own hands, which is satisfying in its own right. What sets apart people who go into this line of work is their passion for cooking along with their love of creating new dishes, there aren't too many restrictions on what you can do and it is certainly a very creative aspect of the industry. The pros and cons to each career path in the food industry is that it's a very competitive environment but if you do manage to stand out from the crowd then there are many opportunities for growth within your company or even starting up your own restaurant. While having such a job can be incredibly stressful due to long hours and high expectations, it does require strong dedication before entering into such an intense field. The pay tends not to be too great either unless you find yourself working with bigger companies or large brand hotels or restaurants.

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