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TeleICU Services in India

We provide TeleICU Services 24*7 critical care expertise and support at the point of care anywhere in health system.Our experienced critical care specialists engages clinically within minutes of alerts to evaluate the patient status and needs of the patient, just as any ICU would manage their patients.We provide:Complete 24×7 clinical support by experienced critical care specialistsReal-time TeleICU monitoringCritical care trainings of ICU nurses and doctorsEmergency call supportEnhanced clinical decision supportIntegration of Best ICU practicesSupport on admission, transfers and step-down decisionsOutsourced Critical CareHow do we manage your patients? We offer 24*7 access to our command center intensivist, coordinated with your ICU staff. Our intensivists manage and monitor your ICU patients including transfer decision support and improving the overall quality of ICU care. We collaborate with your local clinical team to develop care plans and perform daily assessments through proactive, structured patient rounds. Our intensivists use best practices and clinical SOPs to interact and conduct medical rounds.  Daily Morning and Evening medical rounds and patient assessment at fixed time  Proactive identification of preventable complications  Discuss and adjust the plan of care as needed  Identify patients eligible for step down  Multidisciplinary Rounds, if neededBenefits of Tele- ICU IMPROVED CARE FOR ICU PATIENTS24×7 teleIntensivist coverage provides access to specialists not otherwise locally availableStandardized care with structured collaboration with onsite medical teamProactive patient monitoring enables timely intervention and reduced mortalityAccess to latest protocol-driven best practicesReduced readmissionsAdherence to clinical guidelines and SOPs.HIGHER PATIENT AND PROVIDER SATISFACTIONReassurance for patients and families of expert ICU care by experienced specialist.Increase nursing competency and job satisfaction at spoke site due to continuous training and guidance from the command center.Reduced clinician burnout at the spoke siteSupport for difficult admission vs. transfer decisionsImproved patient and family experienceINCREASED EFFICIENCY AND REVENUEReduction of locums recruiting costs and improved staff retentionRetain more complex cases due to reduction of unnecessary transfers casesIncrease in Case Mix Index (CMI)Reduction in ICU Average Length of Stay (ALOS) leads to increased Average revenue per bed.Maximize bed utilizationImproved patient flow and capacity managementReduction in ventilator daysOutcomes of Tele- ICU 17%Reduction in LOS10%Reduction in Hospital Acquired Infection cases27%Reduction in Transfer cases18%Reduction in Vent days32%Reduction in ICU MortalityHow does our Pricing Work? 01A One Time implementation costAudio – Video conferencing solutionIncludes Deployment, project planning, implementation,  training and launch02Monthly Clinical Rounds and Patient Monitoring feeContinuous 24×7 clinical support throughout the life of the partnership including a dedicated helpline assistance24*7 IT support through our command centerDaily Medical Rounds and patient assessment.

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