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How to protect kids from air pollution?

One of the biggest issues rising among cities in recent times is air pollution. The air we breathe is getting poorer and causing several respiratory diseases to people. And, kids being delicate are more likely to catch colds, throat infections and breathing problems from inhaling smog. To keep the kids safe, parents need to develop a sound understanding of some guidelines and hygienic habits like handwashing from soapy water or a hand sanitizer, cleanliness, using purifiers, and mask-wearing, etc. To help you understand the same, here is the elaboration of essential tips to be followed to protect your kid from low-quality air and promote good health. 3 ways to keep your kids safe from poor AQI Check the air quality at regular intervalsMeasurement is the best way to know how bad the air quality is for your kid to play outdoors and even inhale indoors. There are different variations in air quality every day which have a distinct impact on the body. Hence, knowing the exact measurement is important to act accordingly and protect your child from harmful respiratory diseases. Make sure to look for the AQI from a reliable website to have crystal clear information about the breathing levels of the smog with respect to your location. This way you will be able to plan ahead and prevent your kid from infections effectively. MaskingToday, masks are an integral part of daily grooming. They protect us from germs and viruses present in the air. Along with that, they are an essential shield to keep your kid safe from low air quality. Many parents consider N95/N99 masks to have utmost protection from harmful particles in the atmosphere. While kids may make this as a challenging task as they are very mischievous and innocent, you have to make sure they practice wearing it correctly for their well-being. Make them understand the importance of wearing face coverings and consider colourful masks to excite your kid to wear them when playing outside in the park.  Manage outdoor playtimeAnother great way to minimize the chances of becoming the host of several respiratory infections is to manage your kids’ outdoor playtime. Once you have measured the air quality of your location, plan a time interval to let your kids play with their friends outside.  Remember to not allow them to step out of the house when the air pollution is higher to avoid health problems. But, when the air quality is fine, you can let them enjoy outside along with following necessary precautions like mask wearing and hand sanitizing with a liquid hand sanitizer at regular intervals to be thorough in combating germs and viruses present in the air. Furthermore, use air purifiers indoors and in cars to manage the air quality of the spaces. In addition, consider good quality masks and hand sanitizers to not compromise on your kids’ health and hygiene. For instance, Safekind products are the best in keeping your kids safe from contamination and poor air quality consequences.

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