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Make the Most of a Great Tan, All Year Long

Just because winter is fast approaching does not mean we should shed our glowing summer bronze. The most modern of indoor tanning solutions, including state-of-the art tanning beds and lotions that blend the best of nature and science into luxurious mini-escapes, meaning we can showcase the best of our bodies and minimize imperfections with gorgeous bronzy hues. As health professionals continue to advise against excessive sun exposure, indoor tanning is providing many health and beauty benefits that shine from the inside out. Here are some simple benefits to keep in mind when you prioritize the maintenance of a great indoor tan all year long. Moisture mandateThe key to glowing skin is moisture. As winter air cools and humidity drops, it’s essential to hydrate through the proper intake of water, but also to support our skin and protect our tan with the right moisturizer from the outside. Look for lotions that take nature’s essential hydrators, such as coconut oil, milk, and cocoa butter infused hydrating dark triple bronzers that stimulate melanin with a scent that transports you to easy island living.The benefits in bronzers and acceleratorsThe latest tanning bed lotions on the market are infused with amazing ingredients that make a beautiful and natural-looking deeper bronze possible. They also greatly boost the efficiency of every moment you escape under the glorious beach-like heat of the tanning bed. Seek out a triple bronzer formulated to provide dark, long-lasting, immediate, and delayed bronzing results that last days longer than anything else on the market. These formulations often offer added skin tighteners, toning agents, and antioxidant-rich Acai berry along with super-soft silicone blends that lock in healthy skincare ingredients, tanning results, and nutrients for a beautiful tanned and toned complexion.Boost your bodily production of vitamin D while soaking in the heatAchieving optimal doses of vitamin D requires 15 minutes of exposure to the sun on the daily. However, when the goal is to protect and enhance the skin’s gorgeous glow, that sun exposure is counter-productive, especially for those with skin types that are sensitive to the sun. The best tanning bed lotions come in variations that use hemp extracts, argan oil, cocoa and shea butters to protect the skin in gluten, nut, and paraben free sensitive skin formulas that give a nod to social responsibility as much as they complement your beauty and lifestyle preferences. That dose of skin essentials, including healthy vitamin D, along with the relaxing re-creation of lying out in the sun, has been proven to help ward off high blood pressure, several types of cancer, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), and other symptoms experienced through depression and anxiety. Healthy hormonal balance and optimized oil productionWhen you keep up a regular and healthy indoor tanning schedule, you’ll also help keep your hormones and oil production in good balance. Indulging in the benefits of the tanning bed’s heat and light while minimizing the effects of UV exposure with the latest in amazing tanning bed lotions, you show your skin at its best and at the same time avoid the unnecessary damage associated with baking in the sun. In fact, the lights used in indoor tanning can have a great balancing effect for both dry and overly oily skin types. This allows for skin that appears healthier overall, more deeply moisturized, softer, suppler, and generally more youthful. It’s also often been encouraged by medical professionals to address genuine skin conditions such as persistent acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

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