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Importance of pre-marriage counseling

When a couple decides to get married but they doubt if their decision is right or wrong, then they can consult an experienced holder psychologist and overcome such issues by discussing about them. Counselling about the decision to if getting married now is right or not, is called Pre Marriage Counseling. For the success of pre-marriage counseling it is very important for a couple to have a bond in the past. In India, we see that today's family members match the horoscopes of their son or daughter before marriage and see how many qualities match between the boy and the girl.Although this method is not correct, because it is not essential that all marriages done in this way are successful, because without any real world interactions and matches it can impossible to know someone's quality on the basis of horoscopes only.But in case, If this type of marriage is successful, then chances can be that one partner in that couple has compromised a lot, and his innovative part gets suppressed.But if these things are psychologically analyzed then we can save those couples or those people who become victims of mental illness after marriage. We can make couples mentally strong by doing psychological analysis before marriage. Because there is a huge difference between married life and bachelor life, and there is a difference in their role and responsibility. Counseling helps us to understand the difference between it. In marriage counseling it is taught how to handle any problem and how to show friendly behavior with others.Important factors for premarital counselingUnderstand the personality, behavior (check extrovert and introvert)Check suggestibilityDo handwriting analysisAnalysis of body languageCheck your marriage expectations and role beliefs. Check how your past affects your future together.Plans for Resolving Future Conflicts.Proper Money Management.Avoiding Intimacy Issues.Fostering Healthy Communication.Having (or Not Having) Children.So before getting married, you and your future life partner's marriage counseling should be done. This will make it easier for you to understand the thought process and behavior of your partner.

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