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What Is Hair Transplant Surgery?

Hair transplantation, sometimes also referred to as 'body sculpting surgery', is a form of cosmetic surgery used to treat hair loss in both men and women. This operation is done by taking hair from one area of your body (the donor site) and implanting it into the recipient site. This surgery involves the removal of skin where the hair was to be transplanted and is often very successful. Hair transplant method can be divided into three basic procedures. First is the Follicular Unit Extraction, or simply FUE, method. In this procedure, tiny plugs of skin are removed from the recipient site with the hair follicles. The follicles are then surgically removed and the skin closed up.   Second procedure is known as follicular unit strip harvesting or PIN. In this procedure, tiny grafts of skin are removed from the recipient site and implanted in small strips along the scalp. The strips are removed once they are fully developed and the grafts are then implanted. These grafts may need to be replaced several times because they may need to grow. As they grow, scar tissue forms around them.   Third procedure is known as autologous fat transfer. In this procedure, excess fat from another part of your body is gathered and transferred to the scalp. The grafts are taken from your own body, either from a donor or from a fat extraction tool. The procedure is more complicated than Strip Harvesting since the fat will need to be harvested from a source which is not compatible with the skin. The procedure will also take several weeks because the autologous grafts will have to undergo several procedures before they can be implanted onto the donor scalp.   Fourth procedure is also known as local anesthesia unit transplantation or LAS transplant surgery. In this procedure, a general anesthesia is used. One graft is extracted at a time while the scalp is opened up for the procedure. This method uses a smaller number of grafts than what is done in Strip Harvesting and follicular unit transplantation and has been found to be more successful.   The fifth and final step in Strip Harvesting is known as follicular unit transplantation (fut). In this procedure, an entire follicular unit is harvested and then the scalp is opened up in order to allow the follicle to regenerate. After the follicular unit is transplanted, the hair will start to grow.

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