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Gold Coast Dentures, like many other things, tend to get worn out if they're used a lot. Of course, considering the constant work your dentures do and the several bacteria they might have been exposed to, it's incredible how long they last. However, along the line, your mouth, gum, and jaw shape would also change over time; this is usually due to jaw bone loss restoration as you get older, and your dentures may not fit as snugly as they used to.  Indeed, not many materials, even made of resin, can survive a moist, warm place without giving out, mainly since it is used for grinding and chewing.  Dentures that are correctly crafted can last years before wearing out, and they require no additional cost to maintain. Still, as time passes, even the rigid medical professional-grade plastic would not be able to chew and grind food like they used to.  Once the denture base starts to crack or chip in certain places, or the entire denture breaks into two or more pieces, it is a sign to get a new pair. This article will take you through the essential things you should know about denture replacement and when it is due to get your dentures replaced. We will also discuss some of the processes involved in changing or replacing dentures.  MORE THAN A PLASTIC DEVICE  Dentures are more than just a plastic device designed to fit and replace rotten or missing teeth; they can grow to be a part of your 24/7 experience. Your dentist must examine your mouth before putting together your new dentures. There are various types of dentures:Partial Dentures: This can be fitted if the patient is missing only some of their teeth. Complete Dentures: This can be made if the patient is missing an entire top or bottom row of teeth or all their teeth. Immediate Dentures: These are temporary replacement teeth that can be molded and fitted immediately after tooth extraction.  When dentures are getting old, sometimes unhealthy fungi and bacteria thrive under them, which causes the gums to turn red and swollen. If you get new dentures without treating the infection from the old one, it won't solve the problem.  Your dentist should check for any gum or jaw changes that require dental attention and treat it as soon as possible before recommending a new denture for you.  Your new denture can depend on the shape, size, and color of your teeth, which they can customize to look as natural as possible. Teeth alignment is also a factor to consider when choosing dentures.  The cost of new dentures includes high-quality teeth duplicating nature, all set into place for the highest comfort of the wearer. Lip shape is also necessary for stability. ConclusionFor people who have suffered from bone shrinkage and end up with loose dentures, more stable dentures have been developed, which are attached to several dental implants that are first placed in the mouth before the denture.  Before getting new dental implants, a thorough dental examination and digital x-rays of the mouth will be needed. These are also necessary for getting new dentures. For more information about our full dentures offered at our Gold Coast clinic, please contact us today. 

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