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Best 5 Android Frameworks for App Development

Are you looking for the Best Android Framework that you can consider for app development in 2021? You’re at the right place! You must have noticed. When a device converts your life from ‘just working’ to making life easier, Android is the reason. Undoubtedly, Android is the most popular mobile operating system that is open to everyone: developers, designers, engineers, and device manufacturers. It is projected that android has a market share that will reach 87% by 2022 and is considered the top OS for creating custom applications. It doesn’t only rule the smartphone world but also sets out right on Tablets, PCs, Cars, Smartwatches, Home Appliances, etc. Due to this, a large community forum of designers and developers prefer to develop android apps. But, they sometimes are bewildering in selecting the right android framework for app development. We have compiled a comprehensive list of the Best Android Frameworks that you can consider for your custom app development in 2021 and beyond:List of Best Android Frameworks for App Development:Ionic Android Framework:Developed in 2012, Ionic is one of the most famous cross-platform development frameworks which is certified by MIT. it is a free platform that allows developers to access modern technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript.Such a framework is specifically designed for developers or designers to create hybrid and engaging mobile applications. When it comes to web development, the structure of an Ionic app is pretty effortless and simple to use. It provides a comprehensive set of elements, gestures, animations, and tools that help in developing top-quality and interactive web apps through a single codebase. Its features are:Release Year - 2013License - Open Source, MIT LicenseLanguages - HTML, CSS, JavascriptNative API - Cordova & CapacitorDeployment Options - Web, Mobile, Desktop, and PWAUI Factors - Rich UI Components2. React Native Android Framework It is the 8th most preferred cross-platform app development with more than 60% of votes and ranks 3rd in the most wanted list of frameworks in a survey comprising around 1,00,000 developers. It is one of the fastest-growing frameworks that currently hits 68,690 stars on Github.Such a platform allows developers to leverage React, a javascript library to develop apps for both Android and iOS. It is the top open-source software for app development which is Facebook’s product.Its features are:Release Year - 2015License - Open Source, MIT LicenseLanguages -  Javascript, 3rd Party LibrariesNative API - Cordova & CapacitorDeployment Options - Web, Mobile, UWPUI Factors - Native Widget3. FlutterFlutter is built by Google and set its name in Google Ads. it is a free open-source UI SDK framework for mobile applications and facilitates multiple platform development processes to use the best native interfaces on Android and iOS in a quick manner. Flutter is written in dart language that helps developers build apps with the existing code. But who should use flutter? Developers around the world who are looking to succeed in hybrid app development can use flutter. Its features are:Release Year - 2017License - Open Source, New BSD LicenseLanguages -  Dart, C, C++Native API - Device APIDeployment Options - Web, Mobile, Desktop, PWAUI Factors - Rich UI rendering components, Material Design Widgets & Cupertino4. Native Android FrameworkNative Android Framework tops the list of popular mobile development frameworks. The SDK gives developers the API Libraries and important software tools to build, test and debug apps for various android platforms. Native Android Game SDK provides an incredible reach with more than 2.5 billion active devices monthly.  Developers are required to implement parts of their mobile apps in native code using C & C++ as they can access native libraries directly from their existing code. Its features are:Release Year - 2009License - Open SourceLanguages -  JavaNative API - Java Framework APIsDeployment Options - MobileUI Factors - Intuitive UIs5. Xamarin FrameworkXamarin is a must-try framework for mobile app development that can be used by developers. It is an open-source platform to create modern and custom apps for android, iOS & Windows with .NET. The recent survey shows that Xamarin ranks 10th in the popular list of cross-platform app development frameworks. It allows developers to write their business logic in one language and achieves great performance on every platform. Its features are:Release Year - 2011License - Open Source, MIT LicenseLanguages -  HTML5, CSS, JavascriptNative API - .NETDeployment Options - Mobile, Web, Desktop, PWAUI Factors - Standard-based and rich UI componentsConclusion:Thank you for reading! Development frameworks are crucial tools for any successful web or mobile app and must be remembered that the choice of the framework should be based on proper checking of the necessary factors.  This year will emerge with various frameworks that we have shared and we hope that your project of mobile or web development goes absolutely successful!If you are looking for Android app development in USA, Mobcoder can be a helping hand for you. 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