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Useful Tips on How to Get That Ski Job - Articles Factory

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({ }); You know that they are out there, but how do you find the perfect ski job for you? There are lots of avenues to explore and here I outline a few for you to consider.The InternetFirst of all, the Internet is a great source for ski job postings, if you know where to look. Season Workers have a good website that advertises available jobs, and you can search the job sections of many of the major ski companies too.My experience using the Internet to search for jobs has been varied and I would always suggest sticking with the sites that list jobs alongside community forums or support pages. Some of the best sites include the Overseas Job Centre and, the one I used most, Natives. Both are run by people who have been there and worked in the industry too.When To ApplyIt is always best to be organized and apply early, especially if you want to go with friends and you all want jobs in the same resort. The season runs from December until April, so having your applications in by the end of August is what you should aim for.If you are already working a summer season, ask your current employer if they have any contacts. The world of seasonal workers is very close knit.Want To Be A Chalet Host?If the idea of a ski job running a chalet appeals, then it is a good idea to do a cooking course. There are several designed specifically for the wannabe chalet host. If your guests are well fed, you can guarantee that they will be happy. You can’t underestimate a good meal for bringing people together and getting the party mood started.Cooking courses not only give you lots of experience and confidence, which is invaluable at the start of the season that involves Christmas and New Year, but they also offer lots of time saving tricks. For example, did you know that cooking at a higher altitude can have a huge effect on baking and even boiling eggs?Finding a Job on the SpotMy advice for anyone looking for a ski job is to get a position secured before you leave the UK. Having said that, if you are more independent and happy to throw caution to the wind, you could try your luck last minute and head out to the resort without a job, intending to get one once you are there. Restaurants, shops, bars, hotels, and rental companies often still have positions available.Working with a tour operator is also recommended as they provide accommodation, wages, insurance, flights and ski passes, all of which you would have to organise if you went under your own steam.If it goes wrong?If the ski job you applied for isn’t for you, don’t despair. You are already in the resort and have probably made some friends, so you can ask around easily for new opportunities. The staff turn over in ski resorts is huge, so after the first couple of weeks there are always new opportunities opening up. Source: Free Guest Posting Articles from ArticlesFactory.com

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