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LED Televisions And Their Benefits

LED back lit LCD TV is a flat display that LED back lighting instead of the cold cathode back lighting used in most other LCDs. The used o LED back lighting allows for a thinner panel, lower power consumption, better heat dissipation, a brighter display and better contrast levels. There has been a lot of confusion surrounding the introduction of LED televisions. Even many marketing representation and sales professional that should know better are falsely explaining what an LED television is to their prospective customers. LED chips and pixels do not produce their own light. In order for an LED television to produce a visible image on a TV screen the LEC pixels have to be back lit for more specifics on the back-lighting process needed for LED television. One tube of LED back lighting is referred to as Edge lighting. In this method, a serial LED back lights are placed along the outside edges of the screen. The light is then dispersed across the screen. The advantage of this method is that the LED TV can be made very thin. On the other hand, the disadvantage of Edge lighting is that the black levels are not as deep and the edge area of the screen has a tendency to be brighter than the center of the screen. Local dimming in LED can be turned on and off indecently within certain areas of the screen, thus providing more control of the brightness and darkness for each those areas, depending on the source material being displayed. LCD and LED are designed differently than standard fluorescent back light systems; this means that the new LED back lit LCD sets offer the following differences with standard LCD.LED have low power consumption. There is no use of mercury as in some other LCD back light systems. More balanced color saturation. I LED TV using the full array back level than traditional LCD televisions. LCD TV that employs a full array of full LED back lighting are thicker than LCD TV that employ an edge lit light source. In other words, LED TV that use the Edge back light method can be made much thinner than standard LCD. LED back light does represent an advance in technology, mostly in bringing LCD TV up to the performance levels of plasma Television interim of black level performance and at the same time making even thinner LCD TV design possible. LCD TV that utilizes LED edge or full array back light are more expansive than non LED back lit sets. However, as they become more common and LED TV are available in low price range. LED lighting is also used in some Dip televisions and is also making its way into a DLP video projector. In both case, an LED supplies the light source instead of a traditional projection lamp. LED back lit LCD are not self illuminating, unlike pure LED system. There are several methods of back lighting an LED, including the use of either white or RGB LED arrays behind the panel and LED lighting which uses white LED arranged around the inside frame of the TV.

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