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Expansion of the manganese applications

Actively explore the EMM new application, explore and study the direction of electrolytic manganese metal deep-processing and technology, and explore the new entry point for promoting progress and development, electrolytic manganese metal industry is facing new issues, and new opportunities. In traditional applications, EMM is mainly used deoxidizer and desulfurizer in iron and steel industry and nonferrous metallurgy, and also the important alloying elements. With the technological progress and the rise of new industries, EMM its unique physical and chemical properties. Been widely applied in metallurgy, electronics and industrial functional materials and fine manganese products in the field, laid the market infrastructure and development prospects for the EMM deep processing and utilization. Even in the field of structural materials, metallurgy and function it has not changed too much, but with the technical progress in the metallurgical industry, the refinement of the electrolytic manganese metal products, diversification put forward special requirements, including representative jet and multi-component alloy steel smelting requirements for powdered products, non-ferrous metallurgy of special metal manganese demand is increasing. Injection of the development of metallurgical technology, provides a wider range of market demand for powdered metal manganese. In the manganese alloy production, to take manganese powder substitute for manganese aluminum pellets, direct injection the Road molten aluminum, the sweeping to reduce production costs and improve product performance. Special alloys, such as super- iron alloy and dense metal parts are also needed to spray the smelting process to add the metal manganese. In the multi-component stainless steel, nitrogen can form a stable austenite and improve the macro-organization of the steel and the formation of nitrides with the alloying elements, thereby enhancing the strength of steel, hardness, corrosion resistance and weldability. At the same time save the expensive nickel and reduce production costs. In the smelting of these alloys, nitrogen manganese is generally added. Infiltration of nitrogen in the metal manganese in the formation of manganese nitrides more convenient for the industrial production of nitrogen-containing multi-component stainless steel, to promote the development of nitrogen-containing austenitic stainless steel. The electronics industry is one of the world's fastest growing industrial, led to global economic development, and also provided a broad space for the development of the manganese industry. As the basic raw material for the electronics industry, the iron-like body of the MnZn soft ferrite market continues to expand. Since the 1980s of the last century, soft ferrite has maintained an average annual rate of 15% of the market demand growth rate, and authoritative analysis of this growth rate will continue to remain. The statistics by metal powder supplier show that the year 2000, global production of soft ferrite 300 000 T electronic level resulting demand for manganese tetroxide 75000 T Road 2005 required soft magnetic material is expected to reach 500,000 T. The Mn3O4 needs more than 100 000 T. Of Mn3O4 and soft ferrite in strong demand, production technology have to breakthroughs and the development of Mn3O4 manganese metal production has become the mainstream of industrialization. Direct use of Mn, Zn, Fe, pure metals as raw materials, to take The industrial application of coprecipitation production of Mn-Zn ferrite powder also made breakthrough progress and show good prospects. Batteries, lithium manganese composite oxide is cheap, pollution-free, preparation of relatively simple advantage and a huge potential battery cathode material. Has caused widespread concern in the battery industry and metal industry. Source: http://www.mhcmp.com

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