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Differences Between Cheap and Expensive Car Stereos

The key difference between cheap and expensive car stereos is the actual sound quality that they produce. More expensive cars tend to have better systems in them because they have more space to work with inside the dashboard or under the hood of your vehicle, so manufacturers put more money into improving those speakers which leads to improved sound quality.Expensive car stereos have a lot more features than cheap onesWhen it comes to features, cheap car stereos are usually pretty basic. More expensive systems have a lot more features to offer you, such as Bluetooth compatibility for connecting your phone wirelessly, custom equalizers that allow you to change the sound of your music according to what type of song it is etc. Expensive car stereo manufacturers always put out new models with improved technology so they can justify increasing their prices while maintaining or even lowering them in some cases.Another key difference between cheap and expensive car stereos has nothing at all to do with sound quality or additional features however, it is the price! Cheap car stereo manufacturers are forced into a lower price because they don't have as many resources and sometimes this translates into poor customer service, low-quality parts being used in their speakers etc so ultimately these cheaper models aren't going to last anywhere near as long, needing replacement pretty quickly.Expensive car stereos are usually installed by professionals, whereas you can install a cheaper one yourself.Most times expensive car stereos will need to be installed by a professional car audio installation company, who will have the tools and knowledge to do it properly. If you are installing one yourself, make sure you read your stereo's instructions carefully first; some can be very difficult.Cheap car stereos tend to be louder than expensive ones.One aspect of cheap car stereos is that they tend to be louder. This can be great if you are looking to play music loudly or want a car stereo that has good audio, but not the best for general driving conditions where noise needs to be kept down.Of course, being loud does not necessarily mean quality and expensive car stereos have a higher quality of sound. With this comes better clarity and less crackling when playing music or radio. Expensive car stereos also tend to be easier to use, come with more features and are generally just designed better; these all add up to an overall nicer experience in the long run.The quality of the sound depends on the quality of your speakers in your vehicle.The quality of the speakers you have will affect the quality of the sound in your car. A cheap stereo may be able to get loud, but not the best for general driving conditions where noise needs to be kept down. That said, there is no reason that you cannot put together a great sounding system on any budget.Expensive stereo systems often come with a remote control that allows you to change the volume from anywhere in the vehicle.A remote control is one of the features you get when purchasing a more expensive car stereo. This is great for convenience purposes, allowing you to turn the volume up or down easily. This can be especially important in winter conditions, where driving with gloves on etc may make it difficult to adjust things while driving.You can find cheaper models that will work just as well for most people's needs, so it might not be worth spending extra money if you don't need all those features.Most times you can find a car stereo that is of good quality and also fits into your budget. Some affordable brands include Clarion, Pioneer and Kenwood. Most people will be fine with a standard car stereo that plays the music you want to hear at an acceptable quality level. Others may choose something more expensive because they are looking for convenience features or better sound quality. The high-end brands include JVC, Alpine and Sony Xplod. Higher-end brands often have additional features like Bluetooth compatibility as well as other fancy options such as touchscreen displays etc.The ultimate decision is up to you; do you want a good quality expensive car stereo to enjoy your music on while driving, or will something a lot less expensive be sufficient for you?

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