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iPhone Data Security : What you Need to know.

iPhones can basically do everything your computers can, thedifference is that you can carry your iPhone wherever you go. You can checkyour email, take pictures, and watch movies, surf the internet, and video chatwith loved ones using your iphone. However, the more we become dependent onsmart phone technology, the more we are at risk of having our identitiesstolen. When we surf the internet using our iPhone, we often don’t realize thatthe wifi connection may not be encrypted; as a result we carelessly conducttransactions over the internet and unknowingly expose information related toour identity. According to statistics, 12 million Americans had fallen victimto identity theft in 2011, 13% more than 2010. The reason behind the rise in this statistic was that Americans arebecoming more careless about using their smart phones.  According to legal experts, if your phone islost with personal information stored on it and you became a victim of identitytheft as a result, then your options are limited. In fact, in some extremecases, the victims had to file for bankruptcy due large transactions made byidentity thieves.  Nevertheless, if you believe you may have fallen victim toidentity theft, you can take the following measures to prevent ID thieves fromruining your credit. First: Place a fraud alert on your credit report, Second:notify your bank and credit card companies, Third: File a report with the localpolice, lastly, file a report with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). Takingthese measures will put authorities on alert and on the look-out for suspiciousand fraudulent activities originating from your personal details. Moreover, tominimize your risks you should limit or stop using your iPhone on public wifinetworks, run a virus scanner periodically on your iPhone and finally, keep apass code on your iPhone. However, the latter security measures is notfool-proof and expert hackers can easily bypass your pass code on your iPhoneand retrieve personal files and folders that contain documents related to youridentity. To combat this issue, your only option is to install an iPhone file security software such as Folder Lock foriPhone.  With this software, you canselect your most personal files and folders and add password protection onthem. As a result, anyone trying to access your personal files will be promptedto enter a password.  The beauty ofiPhone file security software is that its hack proof. It uses the latest infile security standards which blocks any hacking attempts. So if you have takenall the above mentioned files security measures and protected your personalfiles and folder with Folder Lock with iPhone, you’re not likely to fall victimto identity theft. 

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