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Popular Language Teaching Methods In ESL School New York City

Nowadays, one may notice that ESL school New York City is a thriving industry which majority of the clients are non English speakers. Most of them are coming from Asian countries like China, South Korea and Japan. American English is considered the most frequently used international language with over a hundred million speakers worldwide.One of the better techniques used in this field is called the natural approach. This puts a lot of stress on words and phrases that sound the same in both languages. It makes memorization of the words easier and better since the student takes it into his mind the similarities in the pronunciation and sound of the word.The mechanics in teaching the language begins with Phonetics and the alphabet. When the teacher senses that the student has indeed mastered the basics. He or she will then transfer the student to an advanced level. Basically, the teaching of the language is separated by levels depending on the difficulty.Task based learning is one of the better ways to teach English to foreign students. This is done by the teacher preparing a set of tasks to the students. The activities set by teachers may be musical or theatrical presentation using the English language by the students. It should be interesting enough for both parties since the activities need not be confined in the classroom.Total physical response technique is the teaching of the language using the words that generate a physical response. This is an indicative of how much the student knows. For example, if a teacher says Stand Up and does not get the desired result, then that means that the student does not understand the word or phrase that is being given to the person. The important thing in this method is listening skills to which the student must rely on to get the desired response.The English language may be seen as structures of grammar that can be taught for the student to master. The student is rigorously trained of the correct grammar rules and is required to study them and learn from them. It can be learned one step at a time because it is a step by step process with each level requiring thorough understanding of the concept.Audio books are popular with people nowadays and are quite the best sellers among students and teachers a like. The lessons which may range from pronunciation exercises, grammar and vocabulary are encased in a single audio file that can be re winded and fast forward on a listening device like an mp3 player. This is popular because a person can bring it anywhere he or she wishes to bring it.Grammar translation is regulated by a well defined set of rules that has been in use for centuries. Different languages may have different arrangements in grammar which contributes to the potential inaccuracy of the translated text. One must also consider the historical background of the text in order to effectively translate it.ESL school New York City effectively demonstrates these principles through their excellent curriculum which is focuses both on the academic side and the cultural side of the language. The various techniques above are usually applied in combination and are rarely applied alone. People who are interested to learn English should be willing to undergo a rigorous process that could take years.

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