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Getting Pregnant Faster With These 5

Once the decision is made to start a family,most often the woman wants to get the show on the road, so to speak.That means that she's going to do whatever it takes to get pregnant assoon as possible. If you are one of those proactive types that wants todo everything you can to put a bun in the oven immediately, then thisarticle is for you. Follow these five tips and nine months from now youjust may find yourself on the way to the hospital. ASAP Pregnancy Tip #1 - Get Your Body Ready.Are you at a healthy weight? Being at a healthy weight before trying toconceive is absolutely essential when you are trying to get pregnant.Being underweight or overweight can cause fluctuations in the menstrualcycle, which will ultimately make getting pregnant more difficult.Being overweight can also cause Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, which alsodecreases fertility. Additionally, getting to a healthy weight willmake for a healthier pregnancy and an easier time losing the babypre-pregnancy weight after delivery. Getting a body ready also involvestaking pre-natal vitamins. Some in the medical profession believe thatthese supplements can give a significant boost to fertility chances,although not all doctors agree on this. What doctors do agree on is thebenefit to a baby's health when the mother is taking pre-natalvitamins. It can't hurt to take them while you are trying to getpregnant, as opposed to after you are pregnant. Getting rid of alcoholand drug use as well as minimizing caffeine is also an important partof pregnancy conception success. ASAP Pregnancy Tip #2 - Get Your Man's Sperm Ready.The health of sperm is important to fertility. Studies have shown thatmen who use tobacco, alcohol, or drugs can have significantly lowersperm counts than men who abstain from these substances. Tell your manthat he needs to stop their consumption before you try to get pregnant.Additionally, there are certain prescription medications that willadversely affect sperm count or sperm quality. He should talk with hisdoctor about any prescription drugs that he takes on a regular basis. ASAP Pregnancy Tip #3 - Get Your Calm On.Life's stresses have been proven to impact a woman's fertility becausestress can stop menstrual cycles or cause them to be irregular. Findways to reduce stress in your life so that your body is ready toconceive. ASAP Pregnancy Tip #4 - Get Your Calendar Out.The only way to get pregnant is to have intercourse when you areovulating. Women who have regular cycles can determine when they areovulating by counting 10 to 14 days after the start of their period.Women who have irregular cycles can chart their basal body temperatureor track their cervical mucus to determine when they are ovulating. ASAP Pregnancy Tip #5 - Get In Bed.Frequent intercourse is an obvious method of getting pregnant quickly.However, too much intercourse can be detrimental to sperm count. A goodrule of thumb is to have sex every 48 hours around your predictedovulation dates. Being excited about getting pregnant is aperfectly natural state of mind to have. If your body isn't ready,though, you could experience frustration as you struggle to conceive.If an unready body does conceive, it is highly likely that you willhave a difficult pregnancy. Ultimately, you want to create the mostperfect place to grow your baby and using these tips will help you dojust that.

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