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Denon AVR-1912 Home Theater Receiver Review

In terms of your home entertainment system Denon's AVR-1912 is the device which completes it by enabling you to combine up to multiple input channels into whole system that features not only surround sound, but also discrete amplified speakers that are capable of 90 watts of output.The AVR-1912 is a streaming audio/visual receiver that is capable not only of taking input from your blu-ray/DVD disc player, but also from such sources as Apple's AirPlay service, as well as from six HDMI channels. The output is fine as the 7-channel output device offers not only more than enough power, but it delivers the sound as surround sound so that the playback is rich and full.The AVR-1912, as noted, supports Apple's AirPlay service and thus its iTunes store, but also MP3, WMA, WAV and FLAC-HD. Like other devices, the Denon restores the material that was compressed on the high end of MP3 files so that the output is rich.Not only that, the Denon supports Windows 7 and has networking capability through standard Ethernet connection. It offers not only 6 HDMI inputs, but also USB and standard network Ethernet RJ-45 cabling. This means that if your system is capable of delivering 100 Mbps, you get that kind of performance.AirPlay delivers WiFi 802.11 n capability - whose provision for which Apple is noted - so that your AV-1912 will support your home network and any devices that you might have connected to it or which use WiFi connectivity.Interestingly, Denon has chosen to make the AV-1912 nearly an integrated part of the Apple performance family of entertainment devices by making it compatible with the iPhone, iPad, iPhone Touch and with iTunes. Indeed, if one were to install the Pandora app, available from Apple's iTunes store, one would have access to that popular sound service right through the Denon. It is a good addition to an otherwise fine device.The Denon is meant to handle heavy-duty work as it weighs in at nearly 23 pounds and is 15 by 17 by 6.4 inches. It does take up a good bit of real estate in your entrainment system but the purpose it quite easy to see that once you have set it up and have it adjusted, which you can do through a screen menu, you're all set.Denon has hedged some of its bets though, about the final outcome of the battle for the hearts and minds of audiophiles, and that is because it also features Samsung's fine Auddyssey sound playback software, while also making the AV-1912 Windows 7-compatible. So, whatever way you look at it and wherever the final washout comes in setting up a home entertainment system, Denon has you covered.It is not only compatible with your blu-ray/DVD source material, but also with the sound choice you have made, the video choice you have made and any other choices you have made. Denon's ready for all comers.

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