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Top 10 Getting Pregnant Tips to Improving Your Fertility Naturally

When a couple decides it is time to start afamily, they generally don't assume they are going to have a problem.But when the months start passing with no sign of pregnancy,discouragement arrives instead of a baby. Seeing a fertility specialistshould not be a first resort, as the medical profession collectivelyagrees that couples should try to conceive for a year before going tothe fertility clinic. For most couples, a year seems like a very longtime to wait, especially if the proverbial biological clocks areticking. There are ways of increasing the chances of conception thatcan be done outside of the clinic and inside of the bedroom! Followthese ten best tips you may just find yourself an expectant couplebefore too long.Fertility Tip #1 - Reduce stress factors.Themedical profession agrees that stress can decrease fertility. Find waysto feel less pressure from the things in life that cause you stress.Recreation, exercise, religion, and hobbies are all simple ways ofreducing stress.Fertility Tip #2 - Watch the calendar.Ifcouples are having intercourse on the days of a woman's cycle when sheis not ovulating, there is virtually no chance she will get pregnant.For women with regular menstrual cycles, knowing the dates on which sheis ovulating is absolutely essential to getting pregnant.Fertility Tip #3 - Ladies, know your body.Ifa woman doesn't have regular menstrual cycles, counting days will nothelp determine ovulation dates. A woman with an irregular cycle shouldtrack the mucus of her cervix, which will change during ovulation to aconsistency that is clear and stretchy.Fertility Tip #4 - Take your temperature.Ifyou aren't desperate enough to track cervical mucus, try tracking yourtemperature. You'll need to do this with a basal thermometer. Take yourtemperature every day, and when it rises, you will know that you areovulating.Fertility Tip #5 - Get to the right weight.Studiesshow that women who are overweight or underweight can have troubleconceiving. Make sure that you are at a healthy weight for your bodytype.Fertility Tip #6 - Watch your age.Studiesclearly show that the younger you are, the easier it is to getpregnant. This is especially true for women, but the aging process inmen will diminish their fertility as well.Fertility Tip #7 - Men, consider good drugs.Prescriptiondrugs can decrease the amount of sperm being produced. Men shoulddiscuss with their doctor the effects that any medications they takeregularly have on fertility.Fertility Tip #8 - Men, consider bad drugs.Illegal drugs and alcohol can significantly decrease sperm production. Stay away from them.Fertility Tip #9 - Regulate hormones naturally.Hormonesthat are out of whack can really mess with chances of conception. Food,vitamins, and exercise can all help in stabilizing hormone levels inboth men and women. Read up on the latest studies regarding theregulation of hormones naturally.Fertility Tip #10 - Have the right amount of sex.Youhave to have sex in order to get pregnant, and obviously, too littlesex is not going to result in a pregnancy. However, too much sex can bedetrimental to fertility as well. Most doctors agree that havingintercourse every 48 hours is the right amount for conception.Notgetting pregnant can be extremely frustrating. However, most couplescan increase their chances by trying out these tips and many willachieve success before ever having to make an appointment with thatdreaded fertility clinic.

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