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Microsoft Expects Big Sales for Windows 8

Previous Microsoft Windows editions have done very well in the market, but there seems to be mixed opinions about the new Windows 8 as well as future PC sales. According to AFP, Microsoft's chief executive, Steve Ballmer, expects that over 500 million consumers will be using Windows 8 by the end of 2013. Ballmer describes the operating software as the "deepest, broadest and most impactful" edition the company has ever developed and it will surely provide the "best economic opportunity" for hardware manufacturers and Metro application developers who choose to support it. Big players in the industry, like Dell, are already showing big support for the new Windows version. From Dell laptops to tablets to ultrabooks to hybrids, the tech giant is preparing a slew of innovative gadgets for the highly anticipated Windows 8 launch."The addition of capacitive touch capability into Windows 8, we think, will be a welcome addition … and will have a full complement of products at time of launch," Michael Dell said. "We're totally lined up with Windows 8. You'll see us introduce tablets."The previous version, Windows 7, was Microsoft's fastest selling operating system and Ballmer expects that 350 million people will be using popular the operating software by the end of this year. According to Bloomberg, the success and popularity of Windows 7 can be attributed to the rising corporate and enterprise demand. The preview of Windows 8 will be released in June. The new operating software will be far superior to any and all previous versions, featuring a greater range of devices, including touch-capable and stylus-based smartphones and tablet PCs as well as the traditional desktops and laptops. "This is a transition where you generally are going to need a new PC, whether it's a tablet or an ultrabook with touch or a notebook with touch or a PC with touch or some derivative hybrid of all of the above type of products," Dell said. Many hardware manufacturers have the opportunity to piggyback on the hype and potential success of Microsoft's innovative new product."It's really, in some sense, a dawning of the rebirth of MS Windows," Ballmer said. "It's certainly the most important piece of work we've done." However, research analysts disagree. In fact, analysts are highly doubtful that Windows 8 will surpass the success and popularity of Windows 7, ultimately resulting in slowly declining PC sales. "Windows 8 will prove to be a disappointment, at least out of the gate," said a BMO analyst. Analysts also doubt the new system's ability to compete in the tablet market and ultrabook market. However, Windows 7 is still as popular as ever and continues to fly off the shelves, so Windows 8 might stand a better chance than analysts predicted.

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