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Cube U30GT Pea got a truly complete technology supports with the powerful reliability of dual-core C

Assess on Antutu However the computer hardware assessment has no much more relationship with client experience, however for a new cpu, the exam over the product will be exceptionally appropriate. Here is the Antutu assess of Cube U30GT Peas. The report is up to around 7598 which specifically is above the models which generally sports the Samsung 4210 processor chip. The particular feature is going to be less than the Asus TF201 which will be Quad-Core product. This specific superior rank will probably be related to the superior frequency of the tablet pc. GPU examinationThe same as the AML8726-MX, the GPU of the Cube U30GT Pea is most likely the Mali-400. What is undoubtedly the actual makes the diverse is that AMLogic will be dual core though Cube U30GT Pea might be quad core. The particular regularity of RO3066 is going to be 266MHz whilst AML8726's is up to around 400MHz. Even so the resolutions of quad-core Cube U30GT Pea tend to be considerably much more than some other ones. Site loading as well as rendering, online video performCube U30GT Pea features a pre-installed Adobe Flash Player 11.1 which usually guarantees the flash are usually shown on ordinarily in your tablet pc without any extra up-date of install. The products which comes using the Adobe Flash may be quite fast on internet site loading and rendering. The actual functioning over the online world will be sensitive and rapid. The GPU acceleration works properly over the tablet pc. Cube U30GT Pea also works with UA option. The normal is definitely Android os Flash mode that may be adjusted to iPad (HTML5). The online video rendering on the Cube U30GT Pea is incredible quite possibly regarding the High-definition videos. You will find seldom stuck over the tablet computer while enjoying the videos.3D games effectsThe GPU of ARM Mali-400 carries a great overall performance in 3D graphic and 3D games processing. From the test of MMOgame, Cube U30GT Pea makes a powerful functionality inside compatible these products. In addition most of these video games, Cube U30GT Pea are capable of supporting a lot more online games. From the evaluate you can easlily know that there isn't any positive change between RK3066 and AML8726-MX. along with the Cube U30GT Pea comes with the Google service module that allows customers enjoy the games which always need the market authenticate. What'more, 1280*800 solutions tend not to effect the games, a large number of video games assistance easily resolutions adjusting. Online video decoding Even though the Allwinner A10 produced an extremely decoding capability of 2160P, 1080P is much more functional in the daily use. Rockchip RK3066 does not get much more modification. Even so it will support 3D video, HDMI and double-display output. There isn't really distinction of between the interface of dual-core and interface of single core. The video tags, illumination adaptation and Scaling have already been available on single core. Multi-audio-tracks are usually shifted in the Cube U30GT Pea. In addition, the 3D function is available on the machine, users are expected to equipped with the 3D glass and select the 3D option to enjoy the 3D videos. Cube U30GT Pea can handle complete interface High-definition multimedia interface output and dual display output which permit the tablet pc play the videos throughout the output processing. The output effects which are up to 1080P@60Hz are generally elegant. The scaling in the device does not effect the play on TV. Most of the time, the compatibility on the Cube U30GT Pea is usually great enough to fulfill the users' demand.Compatibility PDF rendering The PDF files is often rendered very quickly on the Cube U30GT Pea. Most of the files are able to load in 2 to 3 just a few seconds with a very smooth turn-over and scaling. With regards to the 10.1 inch size of the product, it could be such an incredible E-book reader.CompatibilityThe compatibility of the RK2918 resolution on Android 4.0 tablets is commonly. After been updated to Cortex A9, the compatibility still remains the same level as RK2918. The update on performance makes the install, rendering and operating smoother and steadier. Many apps have got the tablet version for options. And a great number of the apps also support HD version that provides you a pretty remarkable use experiences. In the test in these days, I have not fought any incompatible applications regarding the device. ConclusionAs the initial dual core model of Rockchip RK3066, Cube U30GT Pea obtained a really complete technology supports. The effective dependability of dual-core CPU and also quad-core GPU have been demonstrated properly through the evaluation and trial. The smooth level has actually been enhanced obviously when compared with RK2918. Fantastic display, superior testing score, speedy webpage rendering and outstanding compatibility of the games left me an awesome impression. But the weak point ought to be there is not too much development of video clip decoding, and the bad compatibility of Window 7 system is expected to increase down the road. To summarize, Cube U30GT Pea is actually a the represent model of dual-core unit and the optimize work will be accompanied within the future which suggests Cube U30GT Pea still makes a space to improve. With the advancement, I think this device will get more consideration out there.

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