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Important technical direction of powder metallurgy industry

Powder metallurgy can produce materials and products with unique properties that traditional casting and processing methods can not make. Powder metallurgy is the technology to make the materials with characteristics of high-performance, multi functional, complex, ultra fine and nano-structured. It also makes manganese powder products with highly fortified, shape complexity and miniaturization. It is an efficient, energy saving, materials saving, environment friendly, low-cost and high volume production process. In order to improve production methods of the PM density, temperature and pressure forming, is considered to be the most economical a new process. The temperature and pressure forming process will be a mixture of temperature and pressure of special lubricant powder is heated to 130-155 ~ C. And then heated to the temperature of the mold compaction. Compared with traditional PM cold molding, temperature and pressure the density of the compacts about 0.15-0.30g/cm3 increase. Temperature and pressure process is characterized by simple technology, low cost, green strength increased by 100%, tensile strength increased by 20% to 30%. It is more than 20MPa and can be machined before sintering. The same time, using synthetic materials in SHS sintering into a dense material. SHS sintering has been widely used in the synthesis and densification of the intermetallic compounds. The high pressure reaction sintering can reduce the sintering temperature is an effective means of preparation of dense superhard materials. Ultrahigh pressure sintered cubic boron nitride or diamond and carbide complex industrial applications. Hot pressing of SHS have been applied to the intermetallic compounds, carbide, graded materials, ceramics, composites and diamond tool materials preparation. Powder metallurgy high-speed tool steel eliminates the inevitable casting and forging HSS carbide segregation. Small carbide, fine grain size. Significantly improve the thermal processing can be grinding, mechanical properties, heat deformation small. Significantly improve the life of a high-speed tool steel cutting tools, molds, tools. At the same time has expanded PMHSS the alloy content. Opened up a production of ultra-high alloy content, super-hard high speed steel and mold steel, new ways. It creates many powder metallurgy high speeds steel. Powder metallurgy cold work tool steel. Powder metallurgy has wear and corrosion resistance. PMHSS‘s world production has reached more than l million tons. Scientists have designed output power of 6kW, the temperature at room temperature range 2000 ° C adjustable, through the atmosphere can be used for metal powder heated in the microwave. Successfully sintered to almost full density powder metallurgy parts with a slight wave heating after the forming of the metal element powder 5-60min. The use of microwave sintering of metal powder can make the small gear and the other ring, tubular machine parts and production of complex shape parts. And it has higher mechanical properties. The meaning of important technical direction of powder metallurgy industry is industrialization. It refers to the more mature technology. Even some countries have the scale of production, but the mainstream is still in the process of research results transformation to industrial. Its technology, equipment and markets have prepared the conditions for industrialization. The industrialization will achieve social and economic benefits. At the same time, of course, there are a large number of in-depth research, as well as a lot of regularity discussion. The problems that need to be solved in the industrialization are much more complex than problems in laboratory research and development.Source:http://www.mhcmp.com

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