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Taking care of Elderly

We often notice elderly people frequently complaining about their health. The causes behind these complaints are numerous. Reduced secretion of digestive juices, weak gums and teeth, consumption of various medications, lack of physical exercise etc, reduces their digestion capacity.  Unhealthy food consumption at this stage can lead to acidity, constipation, lose motions etc. These further aggravate the existing conditions.  The body of aged persons will be fragile and easily susceptible to diseases, injuries and allergies. Hence a proper care has to be taken about their diet and life style. Here are few tips to take care of elderly at home. These help them to balance their health and lead a comfortable healthy life.1.Make them to understand the fact that they are young at heart and meanwhile their body needs extra care.  2.Encourage them to eat soft foods which are easily digestible and get absorbed quickly to provide energy and nutrition.3.Soft rice, well cooked vegetables, milk, soft pulp of fruits, juices and soups can be digested easily.4.Deep fried foods, spicy curries can cause trouble.5.Give them plenty of boiled warm water. This helps to prevent water borne infections.6.Request them to consume their regular medications on time. Monitor this daily.7.Get their complete health checked up once in six months.8.Ask them to apply moisturizing lotion to skin. Skin tends to dry as we age. Dry skin is easily susceptible to fungal infections.9.Motivate them to be physically active.  Make it a point to accompany them if they are too weak to walk by themselves.10.Keep them engaged in one or the other activity. This makes their brain active and keeps diseases like Alzheimer at bay. Telling bedtime stories to grand children, giving tips about recipes, teaching embroidery, painting, singing or anything they are good at. 11.Provide non slippery flooring in their room and bath room.12.Fix horizontal bars in their bathroom to provide grip.13.They have taken care of us till now. Now it is our turn to repay them by taking utmost care with love and affection.

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