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Would You Like To Live In France?

As might be expected, France remains a popular destination for many individuals looking to create a new life overseas. This is not, however, simply a question of proximity. The fact that it's relatively easy to reach France from the UK certainly does contribute, but there's far more to be said for making this particular move.In fact, distance is often rather less important than ease of transport and associated costs. The rise of low-cost airlines, offering cheap flights to a range of regional airports in France, has certainly had an impact. It means that it's that much less expensive to head over to the continent and to check out potential properties.The advantages offered by these cheaper flights don't stop there. It's also the case that this means that it's cheaper to return home, should the need arise. This is something that may be seen as being particularly important, given that it's likely that you may wish to return to visit friends and family.The same is true, of course, in reverse. By opting for a location that's close to the destination of a cheap route, you may make it easier for others to visit you. Is this a good thing? That's something that you'll need to decide!But don't make the mistake of assuming that such routes will always be in place, or that flight prices will remain low. You'll need to consider that circumstances may change and that you could be left making other arrangements. This means that your decision to move must be based on a much broader range of factors.Think carefully about your chosen location, since there is clearly a variety of options available to you within France. That means considering whether you want to live in a city, or whether you might be more comfortable in a rural location. It also means thinking about whether you want to be in a coastal location, or further inland.Finally, you'll need to give some thought to have you will live in these circumstances. Do you see yourself mixing happily with local residents, or are you keen to meet with other Brits abroad? All of these factors will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the decisions that you make.A move to France could be great for your family, but it is something that certainly needs careful consideration.

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