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How to play games with the little babies who are 5 to 8 month old?

As we all know, the 5 to 8 months-old babies has been able to see the distant objects such as tall buildings, the street car. And they can also use their two eyes to take a closer look at the close objects such as the face of parents. Their eyes could also be moved with the falling object. The baby of 8-month-old likes the bright color especially the red color. They have the clear reaction with the language of their mother. If the crying baby has heard the mother’s calling sound, they would change their crying to laughing. The exchanging of the emotion between parents and baby are the important factor for the development of your babies. There would be the common question that how to establish good relationships with baby. The information from the website www.howhomearticles.com has told us that playing game is the good way for the parents to coping with their little child. The expert from the howmomarticles.com has told us that the mother- to-child dependency emotion would be started from the fifth month. The baby began to recognize people. They can distinguish between acquaintances and strangers. When they see the mother and other familiar people, they would feel very happy. When they see the strange, they will be disturbed. In order to get attention of other people, babies would use crying as their weapon. They will use the action such as push or throwing away something to express disgust. According to the characteristics of infant mental development, the young parents could play with baby as following games: 1. The first game we want to introduce you is take toys out from the chamber. The parents should prepare with the children for and a fully stocked box of toys such as the handkerchief or flannel bear tied bells. The child will take the items out of the box and he will have a great time. 2. The second is about the rub and tear game. The 5-8 months babies love to play the game of crumpled paper and tear paper which is a good way to train dexterity of baby’s finger. We can give him a variety of paper such as the poster paper, wrapping paper, cellophane and toilet paper. When they have played a few times, they will know the feeling and sounds of each paper are not the same. 3. The last game the howmomarticles.com wants to introduce you is listening to what's inside. The parents should prepare two empty boxes and put the toys inside. And then the parents should get the box to baby around and shake out the rustling sound. The sound will cause his curiosity. If he put forth his hand and want to take the box, we should give the box to them. When the Baby open the lid to see the toys, the mother could happy to say:" there are toys!".

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